DOGE CLONE will be updated in September October 2023, there will be a new smart contract. Holders will receive updated coins in their wallets.
If you decide to buy. You need to look at prices. Prices on the two exchanges can sometimes be very different. Although this is rare. If you decide to buy from Vindax . Keep in mind that there is a withdrawal fee. Do not confuse networks when replenishing an account. Always deposit a small amount the first time.) If you choose to buy from Pancakeswap. Do not confuse DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) with scam coins. Check the smart contract address. Bring the allowable price slippage to a small value. Because the likelihood is high. Bots will buy before you, they will greatly raise the price. after you bought. The bot sells what he bought. As a result, you will buy expensive. This link has an example, a screenshot of how this happens on another coin.
At the moment. in Blinswop. do not buy in large quantities. Liquidity is low. Always look. real market capitalization. real liquidity as of February 10, 2023 DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG). About 1200 dollars. ) Total capitalization. It makes no sense if there are too many coins on the project wallets. At the moment they have no collateral. Initially, the project was planned as an investment. Due to the risk of promoting the coin, the word "investment" is not used. DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) - meme coin. Be close. To keep abreast of all the news of the project. Our path will not be fast. Know that. It is important where we will be in many years. The project does not ask to buy, just watch, if the coin turns out to be good, then it is never too late to buy. After all, there will still be some sense. + Trust no one. There is only you. + Do not trade on emotions. Be careful when you want to buy when the price is high. Remember, hype can come and go and this can also have a big impact on the price. Do not rush. There is no need to run in this life.

DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) is not an investment and was created as a parody meme just like Doge. DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) makes no promises and is not responsible for any loss or error. Use it at your own risk. DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) is not affiliated with DogeCoin.
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